• Chesapeake Station

    Chesapeake Station, is the story of man’s quest to seize control over vast sectors of the Galaxy. “We will exercise, with force if necessary, complete dominance over all those who enter our sector,” announced Stargazer with unmistakable resolve.

    The reader is blindsided by a series of unexpected events driven by nuclear emissions, hell-fires, mayhem and extortion, all woven together in a fearful tale of evil on a grand scale.

    Passenger Treagor Huntsman has come into possession of a microchip that reveals a terrifying plan. He and Hale, and the others, race against time to save each other, their fellow passengers, and the Earth itself, but time has run out!

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  • Ticket to Ride

    In this unflinchingly honest memoir, military man, public school teacher, successful entrepreneur and candidate for the U.S. Congress Don Hussey describes in rich detail how he outwitted the odds to bring home his “ticket to ride.”

    For every obstacle, for every setback, he found a solution and moved on…until one day in 1965 when he was stopped cold in his tracks, confronted by the one accident of fate that no one could ever be prepared for. How he responded to it is the triumph over adversity that has come to define him.

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Seawall Books

Our staff of editors, graphic artists, Web site designers, publicists and printers will take you from the blank page to the Epilogue. From ISBN with barcode, LCCN, copyrights, digital imaging, cover and interior design, paperback or hardcover with dust jacket, to Advance Reader Copies (ARC), to links with Amazon, PayPal, B&N to the world of “eBook” readers. We also support and facilitate book signings and print/media publicity.

Services Include:

  • Editing
  • Cover and Interior Design
  • Web Design
  • Publicity
  • ISBN and LCCN Creation


A submission must include the following: your name, address, phone/Fax information, email, a query, concept page, synopsis, and the first chapter.

Once your submission has been considered by our staff to be complete and is deemed to meet our standards, we will contact you.

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